Tony Marston wrote:
Your ideas are similar to mine, but I have a much more advanced implementation which involves the use of a Data Dictionary. After building a database table I import the structure into my data dictionary, then export it to create a database table class and a table structure file. Still using the data dictionary I can then build the family of transactions to maintain that database table. This uses a standard set of page controllers and XSL templates to build the HTML. So within 5 minutes I can run the transactions to list, search, add, enquire, delete and update that database table without having to write a single line of SQL or HTML. In most cases I don't even have to write a single line of PHP. Is your method as fast as that?

All this functionality exists within the Radicore framework, so you can download it and try it for yourself.
Thank you!

I am moving out of "do it hand to learn how it is done" into "how can I get this work done quickly and well"
and you point me to Radicore!


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