At 9:43 PM +0100 5/24/09, Nathan Rixham wrote:
and now I'm questioning myself - not on the client scenario based decisions - but on my own personal projects and things only I work on.. why do I use a template engine? habit? some old logical decision I made based on abstraction which somehow ruled out php (the pre-hypertext processor) - I fear I may have implemented some false logic at somepoint a few years ago and never gave it any more sense.

a risk of sounding like a complete dick - i wish I could unit test myself and give myself a peer review every now and then.

might hire somebody to question every statement it make - (for some reason Mr Sperling comes to mind - question me!)

I'm not sure what my father has to do with this (Mr Sperling), but while I (tedd) may be good at understanding the basics of separation of languages (many years of css), I am way below your understand of how to use them. I also consider it a real compliment that you might seek out my advice on such things.

As for peer review, that's what I get every time I make a post. Sometimes I'm the windshield and sometimes I'm the bug, but I always learn -- even when I make an ass of myself.



PS: Your post about Eclipse got me trying php/eclipse again. My only problem is that I am used to having access to the remote (host) file system and then picking/choosing what scripts I want to work on. Eclipse is like a paradigm shift for me. Outside of working a single project, I can't get my mind around how it uploads and runs remote projects. I'll get there.

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