tedd wrote:
At 9:43 PM +0100 5/24/09, Nathan Rixham wrote:
and now I'm questioning myself - not on the client scenario based decisions - but on my own personal projects and things only I work on.. why do I use a template engine? habit? some old logical decision I made based on abstraction which somehow ruled out php (the pre-hypertext processor) - I fear I may have implemented some false logic at somepoint a few years ago and never gave it any more sense.

a risk of sounding like a complete dick - i wish I could unit test myself and give myself a peer review every now and then.

might hire somebody to question every statement it make - (for some reason Mr Sperling comes to mind - question me!)

I'm not sure what my father has to do with this (Mr Sperling), but while I (tedd) may be good at understanding the basics of separation of languages (many years of css), I am way below your understand of how to use them. I also consider it a real compliment that you might seek out my advice on such things.

As for peer review, that's what I get every time I make a post. Sometimes I'm the windshield and sometimes I'm the bug, but I always learn -- even when I make an ass of myself.



PS: Your post about Eclipse got me trying php/eclipse again. My only problem is that I am used to having access to the remote (host) file system and then picking/choosing what scripts I want to work on. Eclipse is like a paradigm shift for me. Outside of working a single project, I can't get my mind around how it uploads and runs remote projects. I'll get there.

it's up to you how you organise you're workflow - don't get confused with svn mate, you can completely ignore it, set your workspace to be the root of your normal "sites" folder and edit the files in eclipse then simply ftp them up and down as normal :) feel free to completely forget all the project template stuff, unit testing, svn, phpdoc and all of that - ultimately eclipse is better than a text editor and beats dreamweaver code view hands down - that's without using even basic tools like the debugger.


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