On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 1:05 PM, Ashley Sheridan

> .Net does run on Linux servers, through a project called Mono. I've yet
> to see it offered by a hosting company yet though.

im sure its come a long way since the beginning days, or w/e.  but about 3
or 4 years back when i was teaching at rend lake college, i tried to run one
of our simple programs from class under mono on linux.  to my dismay i found
only a small fraction of the libraries offered in the main ms

i was able to get a trivial cli program running, but at the time, it
appeared to be more of a toy than anything.  however the thought of the
premise is really funny.  sun creates java, w/ the whole bytecode
architecture.. time passes, popularity grows.. ms creates a goofy
semi-java-clone w/ the same intermediate language concept, thereby enabling
those driven to write interpreters for said byte code to get high level ms
stuff running on their favorite os.  in that light, it looks like the
decision to go w/ the intermediate laguage architecture was a bit of a
catch-22 for old ms.

O - and on a totally OT side note, one of the funniest things i used to hear
from the ms docs were 2 horribly conflicting statements:
1.  once high level code, be it VB.net or C#.net is compiled to the
intermidate language, said output from each is nearly identical
2.  VB is for rapid prototyping while C# is used to achieve high performance

wouldnt it stand to reason that if the intermediate code was practically the
same, the performance should also be practically the same??  this year, i
actually had a self-proclaimed .net guy essentially admit that it was just a
bunch of propaganda, like everything else they push.


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