On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 09:39, Robert Cummings <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:
> It's not really a stupid question. Some people aren't sufficiently aware
> of other technologies to know the answer. It may seem simplistic to many
> of us, but not to those new to the culture.

    Well, even though I forgot to tack-on my smiley face, the more I
read the original post, the more my point is validated.  The question
is posed in such a manner that it would suggest PHP is a legacy
language being replaced by ASP.

    "Will Visual Basic be replaced by Visual Basic .NET?"  That makes sense.

    "Will Assembly be replaced by LOLCODE?"  Nonsense - they're
separate entities.

    It's not a matter of not understanding open source technology,
it's a matter of not understanding the basics of programming and
development languages and semantics.  And don't get me wrong --- I
don't fault the original poster for this.  It's an age-old question
that pops up again and again (interesting side-note: when you query
Google for 'php vs asp metrics' - without the quotes, of course - a
quick article I wrote back in February is the top result).

    The problem is the lack of education and understanding that
different languages have different strengths, weaknesses, features,
and purposes, and comparing them - indeed, inquiring if one will
"replace" another - is a dumb question.  Which then raises the
difference: a *dumb* question is often asked by a *smart* person.  So
it shouldn't be confused with an insult to the OP by any means.

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