on 05/28/2009 10:20 AM Olexandr Heneralov said the following:
> Hi!
> Guys, you of course, know that  ASP.NET becomes more and more popular in the
> world.
> I have a question for everyone:
> Can it happen so that PHP will be replaced with ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is not a language. It is more like a framework that can run
multiple languages. It can run VB.NET, C# and even PHP (although it is
not usual).

I am not sure what are the current numbers, but the latest statistics
that I have seen Apache was running on 72% of the Internet Web servers
against only 17% of Microsoft IIS. Although you can run ASP.NET on
Apache via mono, that is unusual.

Also PHP is the most popular Apache extension present in between 40% and
50% of Apache installations. This means that PHP is present in 1/3 of
the Internet Web servers, which represents about half of the PHP market

This article provides more details about PHP market share.


As of ASP.NET becoming more popular than PHP, I don't think that even
Microsoft believes that is possible. Actually Microsoft is very
concerned that PHP runs well on Windows and is sponsoring a lot of PHP

This other article talks about what is Microsoft so interested in PHP now.



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