PJ wrote:
I'd like to get some input on how to deal with recipes.
use html pages to store and display, XML or db or... ? And what about
clips, like flvs ? TIA.

I believe there is already an xml format for recipes.
I would either use that format to store them, or use equivalent database fields to store them.

When displaying, you'd need to translate the recipe xml format to html but you should also make the xml format available for people with software designed to work with recipe's.


is one xml specification. There may be others.
I use to maintain the Fedora package for a python/Gtk2+ recipe manager, it used sqlite internally but could import from at least one xml format - not sure if the one I linked to is it or not.

You'll need to use one of the xml tools to convert xml recipe's to html for viewing, but by using xml in your code, you both make the recipe's readily available via xml to your users and make it easy for you to add recipe's to your site that use the specified xml format.

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