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ASP (Classic) and ASP.NET = two different things.


Personally, I don't see a reason for putting anyone, or any
company through the torture of building web apps with
.NET. ...VBSCRIPT for the web just doesn't make sense to
me with the other solutions that are available... but
I suppose decisions are made for many reasons that can
force, perhaps less than optimal methods.

Funny, since ASP.NET does not use VBScript (Classic ASP can, with
JScript being the alternative). ASP.NET is basically a web framework
for the .NET language platform. It's a bit more complicated than that,
but I hardly see the reason(s) for it not making any sense as a
development tool for web sites.

As a VB.NET programmer, I can move seamlessly between developing
command-line, GUI, and web applications... much like I can as a PHP
programmer (minus the GUI part, I suppose, but Gtk+ can probably help
with that).

One thing I understand over the 15+ years that I've been working
with dynamic site building is that there are loyal folks in all languages, and I certainly do not want to appear as one who is
bashing another language. On the contrary, I am always interested in
learning about new languages when time permits, and I am a huge
believer in the idea that, in any language, it's not necessarily
the language, but how well you speak it, that makes the difference.

My point in that snippet was that each language has its' purpose.
I don't have a profound depth of knowledge with VBSCRIPT (and my reference was simply just an example of a .NET solution) but I do have VS 2006 and 2008 and I've been around web
departments who use those and VB and even C# as their core web
app building blocks and, to me, it simply appears horribly over complicated and horribly costly compared to the resources I alone require to get the same kind of work done in usually much less time (thus my torture comment). However,
for someone that speaks a language fluently, that fact goes a long
way to help curb costs and complication.

So, perhaps my comment lacked in tact, but it isn't (and wasn't meant to be)
anti-MS and it isn't mindless, and I don't think VBSCRIPT is the
devil ;-).

I usually prefer a language called WebDNA, and I'd be happy to compare some code (off list) for some common web needs if you like... (in the spirit of learning, and not bashing)... to see more
where I'm coming from with my comments.


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