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> ASP (Classic) and ASP.NET = two different things.
> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Server_Pages
> Personally, I don't see a reason for putting anyone, or any
> company through the torture of building web apps with
> .NET. ...VBSCRIPT for the web just doesn't make sense to
> me with the other solutions that are available... but
> I suppose decisions are made for many reasons that can
> force, perhaps less than optimal methods.

Funny, since ASP.NET does not use VBScript (Classic ASP can, with
JScript being the alternative). ASP.NET is basically a web framework
for the .NET language platform. It's a bit more complicated than that,
but I hardly see the reason(s) for it not making any sense as a
development tool for web sites.

As a VB.NET programmer, I can move seamlessly between developing
command-line, GUI, and web applications... much like I can as a PHP
programmer (minus the GUI part, I suppose, but Gtk+ can probably help
with that).

For that matter, I don't see why VBScript as a web development
language is frowned upon so vehemently. So you're sending your output
to an object rather than a pseudo-function (echo)... big deal. Class
instantiation can be a pain with the Server.CreateObject() method, but
I hardly see how one solution is automatically "less than optimal".

Most of the same tips and development methods are prevalent in BOTH
languages (talking about VB/ASP.NET and PHP)... but one uses <% and
one uses <? (which, coincidentally, is less than optimal when dealing
with XML).

I'm not trying to get on a high horse here, but I felt
VB.NET/ASP/ASP.NET deserve a voice if they are being mindlessly
smashed on flimsy evidence, suspicion, and anti-MS bandwagoning. I
love OSS too, guys! That doesn't, however, make all closed-source
software into The Devil.

// Todd

I was just ninja'd during this post by Andrew, who brought up a good
point about file uploading ... although I have to say--ASP.NET handles
it with an incredibly simple control. Put the tag on your page,
reference that tag's internal ID in your code. Done and done.

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