Do not under any circumstances try to do this from scratch. :-)  Use an 
existing framework like Zend Framework or CakePHP or a CMS/framework hybrid 
like Drupal or a dedicated app for billing and processing.  It will save you 
months of work, and countless security holes.  

Even if you don't use it directly, studying a large existing system like that 
will open your mind to better ways of thinking.  I only half-joke when I say 
that everything I know about PHP I learned from Drupal. :-)

On Monday 01 June 2009 11:50:36 pm Angus Mann wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm working on a PHP project for my own personal business use. It will
> handle billing and invoices as well as payments and time management,
> bookings, appointments and a few more. I may add things like personal
> messaging between the various users and a customer login to check on the
> progress of their accounts.
> It is a big project and will probably take a year or so to complete in my
> spare time.
> I have made a couple of starts but I have no experience in creating such
> large applications and I find I often end up with spaghetti code. I've
> tried using session variables to keep track of where and what the program
> is doing but there are so many permuations and combinations I found myself
> writing endless streams of if's, and's and or's just to figure out what
> page to display.
> The code is not the probblem for's the flow and organization of the
> code.
> Can anybody point me to a good book or tutorial that lays down the
> principles and gives some suggestions for integrating the many subroutines
> of a large application? I want to make the code readable and logical in its
> flow, and avoid repetition of code segments.
> Much appreciated.
> Angus

Larry Garfield

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