If you are building a business application with PHP rather than an ordinary 
website then I suggest that you use a framework instead of trying to 
reinvent the wheel (and making a hash of it). The Radicore framework was 
specifically designed for CRUD applications - it uses forms to perform 
Create/Read/Update/Delete operations on the database - so it would be a 
better fit than one which was designed for common-or-garden websites.

The heart of any database application is the database design. Get this wrong 
and you are stuffed from the very start. Once you have used the rules of 
data normalisation to design your database you simply build it, then import 
the database into the Radicore data dictionary. Then you export each table 
to produce a class file for that table. Still in the data dictionary you can 
build end-user transactions by selecting a database table, a transaction 
pattern, then pressing the 'generate' button. This will generate the scripts 
and the screen layouts to access the table,  and you can run these scripts 
through the Radicore menu system. All this without having to write a single 
line of SQL, HTML or even PHP. The only PHP code you need to write is when 
you want to alter the default behaviour or implement custom business rules.

The Radicore framework comes with a built-in Role Based Access Control 
(RBAC) system, and Audit Logging system and a Workflow system. It was 
designed using the Three Tier Architecture and MVC design patterns, so makes 
maximum use of reusable modules.

There is an enormous amount of documentation to be found at 
http://www.radicore.org as well as a tutorial and some sample applications. 
Try it and see.

Tony Marston

""Angus Mann"" <angusm...@pobox.com> wrote in message 
> Hi all.
> I'm working on a PHP project for my own personal business use. It will 
> handle billing and invoices as well as payments and time management, 
> bookings, appointments and a few more. I may add things like personal 
> messaging between the various users and a customer login to check on the 
> progress of their accounts.
> It is a big project and will probably take a year or so to complete in my 
> spare time.
> I have made a couple of starts but I have no experience in creating such 
> large applications and I find I often end up with spaghetti code. I've 
> tried using session variables to keep track of where and what the program 
> is doing but there are so many permuations and combinations I found myself 
> writing endless streams of if's, and's and or's just to figure out what 
> page to display.
> The code is not the probblem for me...it's the flow and organization of 
> the code.
> Can anybody point me to a good book or tutorial that lays down the 
> principles and gives some suggestions for integrating the many subroutines 
> of a large application? I want to make the code readable and logical in 
> its flow, and avoid repetition of code segments.
> Much appreciated.
> Angus

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