Hey all,

I've read through the cakePHP docs for a potential project once and thought it looked pretty well put together, and liked it, but didn't get any hands on with it.

Sounds promising...

...any other comments on Cake for this solution?


Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Skip Evans wrote:
Hey guys & gals & all ships at sea,

We've been approached by a central office of a relatively large
religious denomination that collects data from their member churches in
the form of an 11 page questionnaire with a diverse set of questions
ranging from multiple choice, essay type, to financial statements.

It's currently all hand filled out and then hand typed in to a MS Access
database (shudder...).

They want to webify it so I'm wondering if anyone has any
recommendations on PHP based form generation tools that would speed up
the process of form creation and perhaps even the inserts into MySQL.

So far I'm looking at phpFormGenerator here


But it says "beta" which gives me some small pause, and I'm actively
browsing for others.

Any experience or advice others have here would be greatly appreciated.

Any CMS out there that might have a tool for this that would be quick to
install and get up and going? Codeigniter have one, any others???

Much thanks,


My first thought was CakePHP. Setup your database and run the cake bake
script and you will get all the forms, create, retrieve, update and
delete, as well as the PHP models and controllers to do it.  Then you
just start customizing.

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