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> Skip Evans wrote:
>> Hey guys & gals & all ships at sea,
>> We've been approached by a central office of a relatively large
>> religious denomination that collects data from their member churches in
>> the form of an 11 page questionnaire with a diverse set of questions
>> ranging from multiple choice, essay type, to financial statements.
>> It's currently all hand filled out and then hand typed in to a MS Access
>> database (shudder...).
>> They want to webify it so I'm wondering if anyone has any
>> recommendations on PHP based form generation tools that would speed up
>> the process of form creation and perhaps even the inserts into MySQL.
>> So far I'm looking at phpFormGenerator here
>> http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/
>> But it says "beta" which gives me some small pause, and I'm actively
>> browsing for others.
>> Any experience or advice others have here would be greatly appreciated.
>> Any CMS out there that might have a tool for this that would be quick to
>> install and get up and going? Codeigniter have one, any others???
>> Much thanks,
>> Skip
> My first thought was CakePHP. Setup your database and run the cake bake
> script and you will get all the forms, create, retrieve, update and
> delete, as well as the PHP models and controllers to do it.  Then you
> just start customizing.

You can do the same thing with Radicore (http://www.radicore.org) - build 
your database, import it into the data dictionary, export it to create the 
basic List/Search/Create/Read/Update/Delete transactions. All withut writing 
a single line of HTML, SQL or even PHP. You can customise these scripts to 
your heart's content

As an added bonus you get a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system, Audit 
Logging, Workflow, Single or Two Factor Authentication for user logons, PDF 
forms generation, and a whole host of other goodies.

Tony Marston

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> Thanks!
> -Shawn
> http://www.spidean.com 

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