on 06/08/2009 07:04 PM Skip Evans said the following:
> We've been approached by a central office of a relatively large
> religious denomination that collects data from their member churches in
> the form of an 11 page questionnaire with a diverse set of questions
> ranging from multiple choice, essay type, to financial statements.
> It's currently all hand filled out and then hand typed in to a MS Access
> database (shudder...).
> They want to webify it so I'm wondering if anyone has any
> recommendations on PHP based form generation tools that would speed up
> the process of form creation and perhaps even the inserts into MySQL.
> So far I'm looking at phpFormGenerator here
> http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/
> But it says "beta" which gives me some small pause, and I'm actively
> browsing for others.
> Any experience or advice others have here would be greatly appreciated.
> Any CMS out there that might have a tool for this that would be quick to
> install and get up and going? Codeigniter have one, any others???

I think that depends on how much custom programming or self tutoring you
want to do. Basically, there are no free lunches.

Usually generators produce code that you end up having to customize it
by editing the generated code by hand. Good generated code is one that
you do not need to edit to customize later.

Alternative there are frameworks and class libraries that do the bulk
code work but you need to construct your application around them. So,
you need to spend sometime reading their documentation to learn how to
make them do what you need.

I use this forms generation and validation library.


Here are live examples with several types of forms:


For data entry, this example may be more like what you need:


This is just for form handling, so it is independent of whatever type of
database you need to integrate


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