Paul M Foster wrote:
On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 09:30:18AM -0700, Kyle Terry wrote:


I don't mean to be the thread spirit killer, but I think another language
would be better for this. Such as Python.

PHP desktop apps might be fun to hack around with, but I wouldn't use it for
a production application.

I've coded a bit in Python, and parts of it really annoy me. I much
prefer PHP, as it's more C-ish.

Why wouldn't you use PHP for production applications?


Why wouldnt you? Besides the design of PHP generally being completely against it? PHP is not designed to be run continuously in infinite-loop (while true) scenarios... it's threading support is poor and it's memory handing and library are geared almost exclusively towards web-programming.

If you want to compile it, or use it in a .NET/Java context... fine (see phc, etc.). The language itself can handle it, but the standard implementation *shouldnt*.

In anycase other languages have much better support of desktop and network programming, entire libraries and communities have been developed around it. Preferably use Python/Java/etc. though C has its place.

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