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On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 21:48, Michael<mich...@mjburgess.co.uk> wrote:
> This was about half of my point, writing these applications in PHP is
> difficult, it is a task to be overcome. PHP requires cajoling into being
> useful. Your solution to "use the Java extension" is peculiarly ironic -
> yes: Use Java!

    As someone who programs in several languages (to a degree of
competence and skill I shall leave judged by those who receive the
end-result of my work) and who is directly-involved in the PHP
Project, I feel more than qualified to disagree with you on this.
Coincidentally, I do.  For once my qualifications and opinion lie in
the same place (and not just because my wife told me that they belong

> If the only language you know is PHP i'm sure it looks very capable, and i
> was, several years ago, in this position (wanting to write various desktop
> apps in it) the wise and experienced freenode gurus then told me to learn
> the right tools. Despite how it may look from the myopia of primarily PHP
> development, PHP isnt a desktop-capable language. It would take a great deal
> of time and effort to do in PHP what would take a handful of lines in
> python, due to the extensive library support.

    This is not only incorrect, but exhibits deeper issues.  Python
seems more capable because you are importing numerous modules, nodes,
and extensions, in turn inheriting and extending others, building a
full framework.  The same can - and is - done in PHP.  Perhaps not in
the stock distribution, but in more than a few third-party offerings.
And this doesn't even touch into the PEAR and PECL stuff, nor the fact
that Python is more than one-and-a-half times as old as modern PHP.

> Many PHP programmers goes thru' the phase of wanting to write 'http
> servers', 'irc clients', etc. in PHP. It would be irresponsible to not point
> them in the direction of more capable languages, when they are in fact,
> greatly more capable.

    .... is what you would say if you hoped beyond hope that
technology would stagnate.

    All of this said, believe it or not, I do agree with the statement
that there are other languages better-suited to desktop programming
(at this time), just not for the points so far that you've argued.
We're on the same side, just not the same end.  ;-P

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