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> Jay Blanchard wrote:
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>> How can order by be forced to order alphabetically and ignore accents
>> without stripping the accents for printout? This is a problem for both
>> caps & normal letters.
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>> Definitely an SQL question. What character set are you using in your
>> database? Is the accent the first character of the string or is this a
>> multi-byte character? 
> utf8 general
> the accents are French - including first character and others in the
> words...
> e.g. Érable comes up before Autres; and Céréales appears before Café...
> I imagine it's a collation (character set) problem. I don't know what to
> use to eliminate this problem. Should the collation be latin1 swedish_ci
> ? I have never received a definitive response even on this list. :-(
> And this is an ever recurring problem as I work with several languages
> which all have accents...
There are some options which all need some sort of adjustment.
If , e.g. É is used in the db instead of É the output onscreen is
a little black diamond with a quesion mark inside. The order is correct,
but the diamond is not acceptable... obviously, one cannot expect people
to change their browser or whatever adjustments just for my little diamonds.
Again, it probably means changing the collation - but where, in my database?

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