Robin Vickery wrote:
> 2009/6/11 PJ < <>>
>     How can order by be forced to order alphabetically and ignore accents
>     without stripping the accents for printout? This is a problem for both
>     caps & normal letters.
> Depends on the database.
> If you're using mysql, the order is governed by the collation used. To
> get the order you want, you need a case-insensitive and
> accent-insensitive collation. Exactly which one you use will depend on
> the character set that you're using, but if you're character set is
> utf8, then the utf8_general_ci collation should work:
> SELECT fieldname FROM tablename ORDER BY fieldname COLLATE
> utf8_general_ci;
> -robin
Nice thought, Robin. My collation is already uft8_general_ci.
Adding that condition to the query changes nothing; and specifying
another collation return a blank or null and the list is not echoed.
Even changing the collation in the db does not change anything. Same
wrong results.
Thanks anyway.

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