Robin Vickery wrote:
> 2009/6/11 PJ < <>>
>     How can order by be forced to order alphabetically and ignore accents
>     without stripping the accents for printout? This is a problem for both
>     caps & normal letters.
> Depends on the database.
> If you're using mysql, the order is governed by the collation used. To
> get the order you want, you need a case-insensitive and
> accent-insensitive collation. Exactly which one you use will depend on
> the character set that you're using, but if you're character set is
> utf8, then the utf8_general_ci collation should work:
> SELECT fieldname FROM tablename ORDER BY fieldname COLLATE
> utf8_general_ci;
> -robin
Obviously there is another solution, albeit rather silly: re-enter all
the fields in alphabetical order with corresponding id fields in
numerical order... great, if you're not going to change the list and if
it's quite short... not too clever, though is it?

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