I'm sorry, guys, but I am really getting po'd.
The irresponsible sloppiness and stupidity is just getting to me.
In my quest for a way to populate a multiple option select box I have
run across so many errors that it's beyond belief... such nonsense as
"select for select or select="select" ( think this is right, but then
who knows?) & other variations; then theres in_array() that has
explanations about as clear as a cesspool - the way it's explained is
not at all clear, -- and somebody did an in_array($tring, "text") -
which is reversed... don't these idiots read what they are putting up on
the internet?
And some of you wonder why I ask stupid questions? Rare, indeed, is the
clear explanation or demonstration. I get the impression that there are
a lot of asholeys out there who learn the less than basic programming
and then forget that even a ignoramus as I can be looking for rather
complicated guidance. The Internet was a great promise, but god is is
overbloated with floating intellectual excrement.
Sorry, but ranting sometimes is good for the psyche. >:o

Hervé Kempf: "Pour sauver la planète, sortez du capitalisme."
Phil Jourdan --- p...@ptahhotep.com

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