PJ wrote:
> I'm sorry, guys, but I am really getting po'd.
> The irresponsible sloppiness and stupidity is just getting to me.
> In my quest for a way to populate a multiple option select box I have
> run across so many errors that it's beyond belief... such nonsense as
> "select for select or select="select" ( think this is right, but then
> who knows?)

I know.  So does the HTML recommendation which states that it is a
boolean attribute, meaning it is stated (on/boolean 1) or it isn't
(off/boolean 0) in the HTML context.  So while other variations may
work, this is correct:

For multiple select:
<SELECT multiple name="component-select">


For single select:
<SELECT name="component-select">

 & other variations; then theres in_array() that has
> explanations about as clear as a cesspool - the way it's explained is
> not at all clear, -- and somebody did an in_array($tring, "text") -
> which is reversed... don't these idiots read what they are putting up on
> the internet?
> And some of you wonder why I ask stupid questions? Rare, indeed, is the
> clear explanation or demonstration. I get the impression that there are
> a lot of asholeys out there who learn the less than basic programming
> and then forget that even a ignoramus as I can be looking for rather
> complicated guidance. The Internet was a great promise, but god is is
> overbloated with floating intellectual excrement.
> Sorry, but ranting sometimes is good for the psyche. >:o

Rather than copying and pasting from the Internet, learn the basics of
what you are doing and then use the documentation.  php.net has GREAT
docs and w3c.org is the answer for all of your HTML/CSS needs.


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