On 17 June 2009 02:11, Shawn McKenzie advised:

> PJ wrote:
>> I'm sorry, guys, but I am really getting po'd.
>> The irresponsible sloppiness and stupidity is just getting to me.
>> In my quest for a way to populate a multiple option select box I have
>> run across so many errors that it's beyond belief... such nonsense as
>> "select for select or select="select" ( think this is right, but then
>> who knows?)
> I know.  So does the HTML recommendation which states that it is a
> boolean attribute, meaning it is stated (on/boolean 1) or it isn't
> (off/boolean 0) in the HTML context.  So while other variations may
> this is correct: 
> For multiple select:
> <SELECT multiple name="component-select">
> --or--
> For single select:
> <SELECT name="component-select">

This is very true -- but XHTML requires *all* attributes to have a
value, so an XHTML conformant page will use <select multiple="multiple"
name="selector"> (or something similar such as <select multiple="yes"
name="selector">). The only inconsistency here is that different people
have chosen to validate against different standards.

Other differences you may see are because in most programming
TIMTOWTDI[1], as perl would have it, and different people make different
choices about which way to go.

Then again, some *is* simply due to sloppiness, or under-explanation
because of over-familiarity with the code or feature in question, or
confidence in one's own misunderstanding!

[1] There Is More Than One Way To Do It



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