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As I understand it and is my experience, that is true -- a stand-alone HTML attribute should be equal to itself, such as selected="selected", or more specifically selected="SELECTED".

How is that MORE specific? XHTML is like a cross-section of XML and HTML. It is case sensitive, so using an uppercase value in this context is LESS specific.

I always do lower case and it validates (both as html 4.01 and xhtml 1.1) but only the element and attribute names must be lower case.

attribute values do not need to be lower case. Maybe they do in this case, I haven't tried validating selected="SELECTED" - but in general, the case sensitive nature only applies because the DTD is case sensitive and upper case element/attribute names are not defined in the DTD.

I didn't say it didn't work, I said it's not more specific to use an uppercase value that's supposed to be equal to the attribute name itself... which in turn should be lowercase according to XHTML.

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