On 6/18/09 12:35 PM, "PJ" <af.gour...@videotron.ca> wrote:

> Peter Ford wrote:
>> PJ wrote:
>>> I just thought I would share a revelation.
>>> Someone just pointed me to a site that IMHO is superb for elegance of
>>> artistic design and programming.
>>> I was blown away.
>>> http://www.apfq.ca
>>> You won't regret it. 8-)
>> Il y a seulement une problème - je ne lis pas Française...
>> I18N - it's important, you know...
> close enough... it wold still be great even if it were in Esperanto -
> it's not the content, its the look, the presentation


any reliance stock photos of happy beautiful people doing fun or productive
things is just lame. was already 10 years ago. the presentation looks like
one of those domain sitting sites you get when you type a uri wrong.

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