Robert Cummings wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> Robert Cummings wrote:
>>> PJ wrote:
>>>> I just thought I would share a revelation.
>>>> Someone just pointed me to a site that IMHO is superb for elegance of
>>>> artistic design and programming.
>>>> I was blown away.
>>>> You won't regret it. 8-)
>>> Can I have my 5 minutes back please? It's about as simplistic a site
>>> as it gets. If simple is elegant sure, you're sort of right, but
>>> artistic design seemed awfully lacking.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Rob.
>> Well, it depends by what you mean by simplistic and if you're looking
>> for cluttered crap that one finds all over the place, yeah, it's simple
>> - but certainly not simplistic.
>> It has a purpose that is met, it gets to the point, it focuses your
>> attention, it gives information and is pleasing to the eye.  What more
>> could you want?
> My 5 minutes back >:)
>> American movies, for the most part and what goes with them, are
>> pollution of the senses. My take, of course. ;-) :-P
> I'm Canadian as are you.
No, I'm not... :-P  I'm Martian... but this is a nicer place to hideout...
> But I'm no minimalist.
Hmmmm... I just believe in efficiency, if at all possible... I don't
think I'm succeeding too well at that in php :-(
god, you should see the code...

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