PJ wrote:
Robert Cummings wrote:
PJ wrote:
I just thought I would share a revelation.
Someone just pointed me to a site that IMHO is superb for elegance of
artistic design and programming.
I was blown away.
You won't regret it. 8-)
Can I have my 5 minutes back please? It's about as simplistic a site
as it gets. If simple is elegant sure, you're sort of right, but
artistic design seemed awfully lacking.

Well, it depends by what you mean by simplistic and if you're looking
for cluttered crap that one finds all over the place, yeah, it's simple
- but certainly not simplistic.
It has a purpose that is met, it gets to the point, it focuses your
attention, it gives information and is pleasing to the eye.  What more
could you want?

My 5 minutes back >:)

American movies, for the most part and what goes with them, are
pollution of the senses. My take, of course. ;-) :-P

I'm Canadian as are you. But I'm no minimalist.

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