I have to to cite one more, but that is actually quite funny and a fun watch, and not only because my nephew plays the FBI agent who gets his face blown off...

...Blood Car...!

The plot is great. In the not too distant future, like next week I think it says in the opening, gas is about $75 per gallon so no one drives, but this lofty vegan guy is working on a system that will run his car on wheat juice or some other harmless plant gunk.

But then things spin wildly out of control when he discovers his apparatus actually makes his car run on..... BLOOD!!!!

Pretty funny stuff.

Plus it was fun watching my nephew's face get blown off... he can be a little jerk some times.


PS. Just kidding about my nephew... he's a cool kid.

Paul M Foster wrote:
On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 01:58:26PM -0500, Skip Evans wrote:

Okay, had to chime in here...

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

See the trailer here


Ohmygosh! That's a *real* movie! Doubtless in the fine tradition of "The
Toxic Avenger", but with an even lower budget. Priceless! ;-}


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