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> Wow dan, must be nice to have the time to read all that :P
> I could rant about how hard it is to find a job when you don't have much
> verifiable experience.... But instead I put together a website which has
> links to everywhere that I'm watching. So if anyone is in central Florida
> and looking for a job point your shiny rectangle here:
> HTTP://www.jasonpruim.com/jobsearch

    Don't forget the invaluable resource that is CraigsList.  For you,


    There's also Dice (http://www.dice.com/), but that's more for
specifically tech-oriented jobs, and most require a degree in the
field.  Keep your eyes open for technical support positions with
telecommunications carriers --- particularly local or regional phone
companies and ISP's.  It's a relatively-stable job market, and there
are call centers all over the country, some with VOIP setups allowing
one to work from his/her own home.

    As for the 911 dispatcher's job, I never did hear from the
Sheriff's office or the County Com-Center about you, so it's an
adequate amount of time just to check in and "see if [they] have any
other questions," without being too pushy.... but don't call 911 to do
it!  ;-P

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