Tom Worster wrote:
and Kaleem Omar.

and 15 people in Baghdad when motorcycle loaded with nails and ball-bearings
exploded in a crowded bazaar.

On 6/26/09 4:27 AM, "Robert Cummings" <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:

Farah Fawcett has also died. I guess you gotta go sometime :|

Björn Bartels wrote:
Hello fellow coders...


Tonight (here in Germany), Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson, also known as
'the king of pop',
died on heart failure in the age of 50.

I just want to express my condolences to his family and friends and
all the people
who loved him and his music.
This incomparable legendary musician has made such a big impact on
music and musicians
than any other artist in history.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jackson! And may you and your music never be

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