On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 15:22, Jason Pruim<ja...@jasonpruim.com> wrote:
> I just had my interview with them today. They are starting the background
> check right now.

    Ahh, fantastic!  Let me know the area code from which they'll be
calling so that, if they do, I'll make it a priority to answer it
rather than letting it go to voicemail.

> You mean calling 911 isn't a good way to get in touch with them? :P

    About a dozen years ago, I was considering getting certified as an
emergency services dispatcher, and I remember one of the operators
(with whom I worked on a volunteer first-aid/rescue squad) telling me
a story about how often the centers really do get calls from folks on
911 asking for job applications.  Other requests included directions,
parents drilling their kids (and not informing the operator of this,
but having the police/fire/ambulance crews actually come to the
house), and demands to be driven by emergency vehicles to shopping
centers or other locations ("because I pay taxes, that's why!").

    Lesson learned: no matter how bad your job sucks on any given day,
not only do I thankfully *have work,* but some poor schmuck is dealing
with worse than I at that very moment!  ;-P

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