I have a bit of a situation.
I have set up addBooks, editBooks and deleteBooks pages. Before
complicating my life & mixing them up in one file, I am running tests.
I'd like to make them idiot proof, up to a point.
When the page is submitted and the code is parsed, the form inputs
remain on the screen along with the submit buttons.
I'm not sure of what is the normal way of closing/hiding/wiping the
screen output before showing the result output of the operation.
I do not want a user to resubmit the input which is still in the input
I am wondering if I should be using some code to clear the inputs like
unsetting??? sessions or a break or am I doing something wrong with the
flow of the code?
I'd like to leave the pages with only the output of success (or failure)
and links to do another add/edit/delete operation.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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