on 06/24/2009 09:24 PM Shawn McKenzie said the following:
>> What about placing the contents in different divs and showing hiding
>> those divs on submit? Then using AJAX to update the server / database
>> with the requested operation?
> That's a good one, however I'm assuming you haven't been following PJ's
> posts :-)  Once he tries AJAX, I feel for the js.general and
> ajax.general folks!

Not necesssarily. You may want to try this scaffolding component that
lets you create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) forms without
writing a single line of Javascript, all with AJAX support, so it
submits the forms to the server without page reloading.

Actually this a plug-in of the Forms Generation and Validation class,
that generates all the necessary Javascript transparently for you. You
can compose any forms with any custom inputs, and save data to databases
or any other type of storage.

Take a look at this live example:


The main forms class and the optional plug-ins are available from here:



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