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> PJ wrote:
>> I have a bit of a situation.
>> I have set up addBooks, editBooks and deleteBooks pages. Before
>> complicating my life & mixing them up in one file, I am running tests.
>> I'd like to make them idiot proof, up to a point.
>> When the page is submitted and the code is parsed, the form inputs
>> remain on the screen along with the submit buttons.
>> I'm not sure of what is the normal way of closing/hiding/wiping the
>> screen output before showing the result output of the operation.
>> I do not want a user to resubmit the input which is still in the input
>> $strings.
>> I am wondering if I should be using some code to clear the inputs like
>> unsetting??? sessions or a break or am I doing something wrong with the
>> flow of the code?
>> I'd like to leave the pages with only the output of success (or failure)
>> and links to do another add/edit/delete operation.
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
> I've never tried it, but you can possibly submit to an intermediate page
> that stuffs the post vars into a session, echos "please wait" and then
> redirects to the page that does the processing.  The processing page
> gets the sessions vars and does its business.
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> Thanks!
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What about placing the contents in different divs and showing hiding
those divs on submit? Then using AJAX to update the server / database
with the requested operation?



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