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>>>>>> 'Twas brillig, and tedd at 24/06/09 15:24 did gyre and gimble:
>>>>>>> The biggest problem in uploading a file is figuring out how large it is.
>>>>>>> You can't find that out in php
>>>>>> Well you can find it out with the uploadprogress or APC PECL extensions.
>>>>>> If you use Zend Framework then it has a progress bar for file upload 
>>>>>> built
>>>>>> in.
>>>>>> http://www.framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.file.html#zend.file.transfer.introduction.uploadprogress
>>>>>> HTHs
>>>>>> Col
>>>>> I purchased Zend Studio around five years ago, but never got it to work 
>>>>> for
>>>>> me. Maybe I should try it again.
>>>> Zend Studio and Zend Framework have no connection to each other beyond
>>>> both coming from Zend. Studio took a major leap downhill when they
>>>> switched to the Eclipse platform which is why I no longer use it. Take
>>>> a look by all means, but don't get your hopes up.
>>>> -Stuart
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>>> Really?  I think that was one of the better decisions that they made
>>> about it.  I don't know of a better (free) IDE platform.
>> I wasn't criticising Eclipse - I think the platform rocks, but somehow
>> they've managed to screw it up!! I now use Aptana which is also built
>> on Eclipse but has a far more polished feel to it.
>> -Stuart
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> When's the last you used Zend Studio?  The latest (6.1.2) stable Zend
> Studio v. the latest stable Aptana, I'd take Zend Studio hands down.
> Granted, the 5 series of Studio were _atrocious_ but that's long past!
>  I also don't really appreciate the in-IDE advertising that Aptana
> sports.

At risk of further hijacking this thread....

I still use the old Zend Studio (5.5) and prefer it to the newer
version. I have tried to get into the new version a few times, but it
just seems so much more complicated to even set up a project in the
new version and it seems like there are always updates to some
component or other, many of which I do not use and some of which would
not actually install.

When I went looking for an IDE, I wanted a good code editor with
features like syntax checking and code completion, and I wanted a
debugger that I could step through code to figure out why something
wasn't working as I expected. There were a couple that were close, but
I chose Zend Studio at the time because it seemed to have the most
complete/accurate code completion not only of the core language, but
also recognizing functions and classes declared within the PHP code in
the project itself (especially when you include a basic phpdoc block
that describes the function @params and @return). Perhaps the new
version still does all that wonderfully well, but as I said I've found
it to be not worth the hassle. Perhaps, to be fair, I need to take
some time to get familiar with the new paradigm, but that furthers my
point: I want an editor that I can be productive with more or less out
of the box.


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