Martin Scotta wrote:
I found extremely un-productive editors or IDEs like Eclipse or Zend Studio.

I use SciTE.

It don't has any feature you are talking about...

but it..
 # do not eat all you ram
 # starts in a microsecond
 # opens any type of file
 # paints the code in pretty colors.
 # has a little intellisense using pre-written words or api files

I almost exclusively use bluefish, the closest I come to an IDE for anything I do is emacs + AUCTeX for my occasional TeX needs.

I also use vim and on the rare occasions I'm stuck with Windows, something I think called PSPad (not sure, downloaded it awhile back at my parents house). I actually have a license for Homesite, but I don't think I can install it on their computer and I don't run Windows anymore. That was nice.

On a Mac - bbedit for everything.

However, all that being said, I do very little php. Right now though a little more than usual.

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