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Terion<tmil...@springfi.gannett.com> wrote:
> Ok, say you have a database with 16000 records in it, but you only want to
> call out say 2000 records at a time as the search/query is performed, then
> store the first 2000 in a session and then retrieve the next 2000 etc etc as
> a way to minimize server strain?
> (I'm tasked to do this and ....)
> 1. don't know what this is called to google it...partioning results/data ???

    As Stuart mentioned, it's known as "paging."

> 2. Is there a better way to deal with retrieval of large amounts of data
> from a large table without choking the server.....

    Well, it depends.  You mentioned only that it's a database.  Is it
an SQL database?  If so, what's the engine (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Informix, SQLite, MSSQL, etc.)?  If not, what's the format?

    Also, how frequently will this be called, how large is each row of
data (in bytes or kilobytes), and what other things are running on the
same server at the same time?  Is it a production web server or
internal intranet?  Is it a shared web server?

    As you see, there are a ton of other factors and variables involved.  ;-P

> 3. Is it possible at all....

    Absolutely.  Through PHP, al(most al)l things are possible.

> Basically I need to know what it is I'm looking to do, it's not getting
> explained in an understandable way here....which makes google useless....

    We all have days like that, Teri.  I have ~365.25 of them each year

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