---- "Miller wrote: 
> Ok, say you have a database with 16000 records in it, but you only want to
> call out say 2000 records at a time as the search/query is performed, then
> store the first 2000 in a session and then retrieve the next 2000 etc etc as
> a way to minimize server strain?
> (I'm tasked to do this and ....)
> 1. don't know what this is called to google it...partioning results/data ???
> 2. Is there a better way to deal with retrieval of large amounts of data
> from a large table without choking the server.....
> 3. Is it possible at all....
> Basically I need to know what it is I'm looking to do, it's not getting
> explained in an understandable way here....which makes google useless....

Basically, go smack whomever told you to load all that stuff into a session.  
It's a paging query that you want to do, but I'd not recommend doing it to 
store it in a session.

You can store all that stuff into a session, but you risk putting a greater 
load on the users session then you would be putting on the database server.

If you are running MySQL, go get a 486, put Fedora on it and use it for the 
heavy queries.  


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