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> If you are running MySQL, go get a 486, put Fedora on it and 
> use it for the heavy queries.  

You didn't seriously just tell someone to use an ancient-ass __80486__ PC
for their "heavy database queries" did you? Aside from the fact that machine
is like 20 years old and not only would hardware be difficult to find, setup
and maintain, it's bound to die at any moment. You're talking ISA (maybe a
PCI if you're lucky), IDE drives, slow RAM that probably maxes at 512MB or
something... No USB ports, so have fun finding an old mouse/keyboard.

A computer with vastly superior technology, reliability and performance can
be had for a hundred bucks and probably even free. I just gave away a 1Ghz
Celleron the other day that was collecting dust. I wouldn't even use THAT as
my database server with hardware as dirt cheap as it is...


Save yourself the headaches and just get a modern, NEW barebones PC:


and throw your favorite Linux distro on it 
(I'm not touching that holy war with a 10' eth0 cord)

Most all distros come with LAMP stacks as an option and you're off and
running in about an hour.


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