On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Govinda<govinda.webdnat...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> PHP is a great language. You can do a lot of things with him, even
>> have fun with it.
>> My idea is to make a simple game where your have to write some AI to
>> beat the other players AI
>> The idea, as simple as it looks, is really difficult to implement
>> specially about security
>> so, do you like me idea?
>> -- Martin Scotta
> sorry if this is getting OT:
> Martin, I wrote a really fun and charming remake of a great that 2 others
> wrote in the 1980's.  My version has really fun graphics and sounds.  I used
> visual basic as that is what I had then on my then windows laptop, without
> internet, literally in the mountains in north India where we only had
> electricity a couple hours per day, let alone no internet.  It is a simple
> but very fun strategy game with more depth than say checkers (by far!),  but
> less complex/daunting than say chess.  It has 2-player option, but writing
> the AI for the various levels of difficulty when playing against the
> computer was the most challenging and fun part of the project.  I often
> thought of taking it the next step and doing just what you propose here.   I
> don't know what is LISP, but I assume that post meant to say that PHP is not
> the best language for this.  (?)  I say, "so?"  If you know PHP, (and what,
> AJAX to go with it?)  then you can do it, and HAVE FUN, regardless that it
> is very inefficient way to do it.
> For myself I can't afford to take time for that much programming fun, just
> now..  but let me know in case you (or anyone) would like a copy of that
> game.. it may give you some ideas, not to mention it is perfect fun for
> unwinding at the end of a day of coding.  Takes 5 minutes to play.  The
> expert level is not at all easy to beat!  ;-)
> (for windows 98-->Vista.    Windows-7 I don't know... I use Mac when I have
> a choice.)
> -Govinda

That's the idea. You will have fun programming the AI and looking how
it "match" between others.

I'd like to see your game, do you still have it?

Martin Scotta

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