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> Done! In order to never lose, don't play ;)

    That's what I had expected.  ;-P

    About eleven years ago, a co-worker and I each wanted the same day
off.  I had seniority, but decided to play fair with him and give him
a shot.  I told him that I could guarantee I could tell him the score
of a football game that night before the game started.  If I was
wrong, he could have the day off AND I would give him my pay for the
day (we were medics for the state, so it wasn't a horrible chunk of
change).  If I was right, I got the day off --- but to make sure it
was fair, we had to watch the game together that night, and he had to
pay for pizza.

    When I got to his house, he ordered the pizza and asked if I was
ready to lose.  I told him quite the contrary: before the game starts,
the score is a tie at zero-zero.

    Being a good sport and admitting defeat, he let me have the day
off.  Being as graceful as he was, I instead let him have the day
off.... and paid for the pizza.

    A very "cheesy" story (yeah, that's right), but relevant.  Seems
that now, in some places, trying to pull the same gag - even on a
friend - could get you two to the chest, single to the head.  People
just don't have a sense of humor anymore....

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