That's the idea. You will have fun programming the AI and looking how
it "match" between others.

I'd like to see your game, do you still have it?

-- Martin Scotta

I would love to see someone write an AI to beat my best skill level that I could get into the AI. I can beat expert level now, every time.. so I know there is more than I have captured so far in the AI.. (thus the greyed-out option for skill level "Master") .. but as Tedd alluded to in his reply to Ashley - having the skill is one thing.. but capturing the skill in bytes is a feat, not for the meek coder!'s%20Campaign%201.0.2%20-%20INSTALLER.ZIP

the game itself is like 1MB. The rest of those 14 MB's are for the sounds (.wav) mostly.. and a few small graphics.

make sure your windows desktop screen resolution is set to the default (96 d.p.i., IIRC) or else it is unplayable due to improper positioning of controls. Also ignore the hokey opening .. I wrote it for the members of the ashram where I was living at the time; just push any key to get past the intro and then read the directions of how to play in the help menu - the "?" icon in the sky on the top right.

Let me know how it goes!


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