Dave M G wrote:
PHP Gurus,

I'm currently having a problem with PHP writing text to a PNG image on one server.

I have various web sites hosted on various servers, and on most of them, the script that generates the image is writing text properly. I have ensured that the same fonts are available on all the servers.

My first guess was that the PHP environment on the misbehaving server was missing a GD module, like the TTF module or something. As far as I can tell by looking over the phpinfo() settings, the servers have all the same modules.

But maybe I'm just not seeing it, because manually going over the settings is prone to human error.

Is there a way I can take the output of phpinfo() from both servers and do a compare that will tell me what the differences are?

Alternatively, if anyone has any suggestions on what might be a cause of not getting text onto an image, I'm open to any ideas.

Thanks for any advice.

In linux you would use the diff command to compare two files.

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