Dave M G wrote:
Bob, Ben, David, Robert,

Thank you all for responding.

Just to recap, I'm trying to find out why I can write text into a PNG
image on one server, but not on another.

After much playing around, I have a list of the different configuration
modules installed on the two servers. The lists below are lists of the
modules *not* in common between them.

From what I can see, none of the modules that the behaving server have
that the misbehaving server doesn't has anything to do with fonts or
images. So my suspicion is starting to be that maybe the problem is not
in the PHP set up, but elsewhere.

Before I move on to other possible solutions, I'd like to double check
with more experienced eyes. Do any of the modules here affect text in
PNG files?

Misbehaving Server:

Behaving Server:

And, just to note, *both* servers have the following:

* '--with-gd'
* '--with-ttf'
* '--enable-gd-native-ttf'

These are the command line arguments used to enable/disable extensions. They don't guarantee that the extension is actually enabled though. Check the extensions in phpinfo() output. Each properly enabled extensions should have a little header. You are also trying to manipulate a PNG file... I believe that relies on libpng-dev and may require --with-png-dir=/usr/lib. I usually compile PHP myself so I'm not sure what the defaults are for various distros.

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