From: Dave M G

> Thank you for replying.
>> Just diff the HTML. 
> Unfortunately it is not that easy. Even if the same PHP modules are 
> present, if they are written into the page in a different place, they 
> show up as differences. The same goes for all the HTML tags and 
> everything else, so what I end up with is a ton of text, no more 
> streamlined or easy to analyze than the original output from
> I'm hoping there's a way more targeted way of discerning what settings

> one server may have that another server might not.

Save each page to a text file.
Sort the two text files.
Run 'diff -iw' on the sorted files.
Add additional flags to diff as needed.

If you need more than that, you will probably have to write your own
utility to handle it.

You should also get copies of httpd.conf and php.ini from each server
and compare them. They will affect how some of those modules behave.

Bob McConnell

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