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> Lupus Michaelis wrote:
>> Per Jessen wrote:
>>> See http://bugs.php.net/?id=48612
>>    I don't understand too the answer. For me it is obvious it is a bug
>> because it breaks the system locale behaviour.
> Thanks, I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this.

to many people, a documented bug is like a false truth: it simply cannot
exist. the premise is that a bug, by definition, is not documented. if it's
documented then it's a feature and a feature is never also a bug.

i'd wager that one devotee of this doctrine would be the bug checker who
shot off that superior, sneering insult in the disposition of your bug

if that response was a standard text built into the bug management system
then it suggests the doctrine pervades the culture on the team.

in my view, the premise doesn't hold up very well. we can all think of bugs
that could not reasonably be be debugged by documenting them. hence there is
a zone in the spectrum between "obvious bug" and "obvious non-bug". saying
"go away and rtfm" when discussing behaviors in this zone is not respectful.

failure of a cli program to behave idiomatically under unix (or that finnish
os that shares so many of the idioms) is arguably a bug -- it's in that
zone. the response you got, per, was a cheap brush-off.

btw: i think setlocale() is not the right place to document the "feature"
that php cli ignores standard environment variables.

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