Robert Cummings wrote:

> I understand where you're coming from, and I've been on the same road
> before with PHP bug reports. And while I remember being really annoyed,
> especially when it turned out to actually be a bug, I have to say if you
> define your case clearly and state where either the documentation isn't
> clear enough, or the code works in an unexpected fashion, then they will
> usually give it the due consideration. Don't forget nobody is being paid
> to handle bug reports, it's all on a volunteer basis and I'm quite
> certain they get oodles of real bogus bugs.


I suggest anyone with a casual interest in understanding where php
developers who respond to bugs are coming from, just read the reports
and comments as they come through the php-bugs list (php.bugs on the
news server).

Watch how many obvious bugs with issues (i.e. bogus bugs) come through,
and note what the rate of mis-judgements by the devs responding to bugs
is, it is very very low, but not 0%.

You'll also notice Jani responds to almost everything, either assigning
it to someone, or closing the ones he sees as obvious for one reason or

You'll also notice that both he and users can be far more acidic than
the canned responses, and yes - if you have a suggestion for improving a
canned response, it will be taken seriously.


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