Per Jessen wrote:

> Which is exactly the bug I reported.  An application that deliberately
> ignores the locale setting passed from the environment is buggy unless
> it is clearly documented.  Why should a developer be forced to be aware
> of the locale when it has already been done for him?  That is just dim. 

In what sense is this a bug in PHP, though? If anything it is a bug in the
documentation, but for Kyle at least, the existing documentation makes it clear
that the pre-existing environment variable be ignored unless you call setlocale
with a NULL or empty second argument.

I had the same experience as Kyle, when I read the documentation at -- and I thought to read
that documentation because I first searched the bug database for LC_ALL (as
requested at ). Here's what I found:

Which shed some light on the whole issue for me. After reading that bug report
and the setlocale() manual page, it was clear to me that the PHP developers
intended for PHP to initially ignore the environment variable LC_ALL.

Your sense is that the developers made a bad design decision here, and perhaps
you're right, but a "bug" is a mistake in the code that causes the software to
do something other than what the developers intended. There's no bug here.

 > As for being aggressive - well, being fobbed off with an RTFM when
> 1) I've spent some time and effort in testing, documenting and reporting
> the bug, and
> 2) the behaviour is at best undocumented,
> well, yes, it p...... me off.  It's just not professional and not at all
> conducive to getting any more bugs reported. 

I thought the response on the bug was awfully polite under the circumstances.
Again, from's "How to Report a Bug":

'Take special note of that word in bold above. The people who are going to help
you with a bug you report are *volunteers*. Not only are you not paying them to
help you, but nobody else is either. So, to paraphrase the immortal words of
Bill and Ted, "be excellent to them".'

Have you read the classic "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way"?

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