From: Miller, Terion
On 7/28/09 8:35 AM, "Ashley Sheridan" <> wrote:

> $pastDays = strtotime("-30 days");
> $date = date("d/m/y", $pastDays);
> Well I tried and got no results from my query and I know there
> results with date ranges in the last 30 days, I basically need
> to count backward from now() 30 days I thought strtotime() would
> work well..but the fields in the db are varchar not date fields
> they are all formatted the same though 00/00/00:

If the dates are really stored as varchar, you are doing a lexical
comparison on a field that is meaningless in that context. You will need
to break the string down somewhere and do three separate comparisons.

Bob McConnell

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