> Jim has listed some nice alternatives, however, they are limited in
> their scope. I will point you to a solution called Cufon. This by far
> the best I have found to date (IMHO). This is a JavaScript solution. It
> will render ANY ttf or rtf font. The common issue you run into is the
> legal issue. Most of the fonts we want to use need to be purchased by
> the end user. The developers of Cufon are in talks with the Font
> Foundries to find a solution that will protect the font from being
> stolen. As of this writing the Foundries fear that the JavaScript file
> that is produced from the original fonts could be reverse engineered
> and give the font away for free. I have tried to put this file outside
> of the root folder of the site and found that I cannot call it. I
> haven't spent too much time on this yet. I'm sure there is a way, I
> just haven't found it yet.
> Here is the link to Cufon
> http://wiki.github.com/sorccu/cufon/about
> the javascript generator can be found here
> http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/
> One more thing and I can't stress this enough - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
> In the US Intellectual Property Theft is one of those laws whereby you
> are guilty until proven innocent ad each incident can cost you $100k!
> [HallMarc Websites]

Argh! I see a typo that I have no excuses for. It should read "any ttf or otf" 
not rtf. Sorry bout that 

[HallMarc Websites] 

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