How  would you go about ensuring the memory is not exhausted when running a
script ?

I have a script, which to make it basic ... reads values from files, I
create an array of values per file then with a foreach insert values into a
table, I have added a line to echo the memory use after each array is done
(after insert is done and the foreach is complete for the file) with: ->
echo "Mem SQL: ".memory_get_usage() . "\n";

It gave me this result below:

Mem SQL: 8341312
Mem SQL: 8461856
Mem SQL: 8693440
Mem SQL: 9327008
Mem SQL: 9798952
Mem SQL: 10238392
Mem SQL: 10604776

As can be seen the mem usage simply grows,

I have added a line after each iteration of the foreach is complete to unset
the vars and array ... thinking this would basically clear up the allocated
memmory used by the array ... and it would start at 0 again for the next
array looped, but obviously this is not quite the answer.

The question is then how do you "clear"  memmory then ?

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